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shaping the best

Design thinking have made our work more easy and meaning full. Empathising the need of students and fullfilling their dreams is always be the top priority of SNS institutions. Adding more colours to the student flying wings, DT SCD have proposed to introduce “SPINE-Z” Program for the Final year placement ready students. This mainly focuses the students who were really talented but hestitates to brand them in the required platform. We have started for a single batch of 6o students and based on its success we have extended and completed six batches (700 students).

Apart from Technical part, Spine Z groom students to excel in their soft skill. Irrespective of language, the students are motivated to deliver their thoughts in right place with right tone.This helps the students to address various interviews with more professional skills.

The outcome and the response was highly appreciated by the students which turned their life in a meaning full way.